A lovely lady recommended Cat and I admit I was sceptical, I thought that what would follow would be a repeat performance of previous counselling. What I found was unlike any counselling I have ever experienced.

Cat heard me, she listened to me and I felt she metaphorically held my hand as I walked out of the fog I’d been living in. The clarity I have now is amazing and everyday I learn more about myself. I am learning to love myself. I am beginning to love the faults, defaults as well as the positive, creative and unique individual that was buried under conditioned behaviours developed within a dysfunctional family system.

Cat had the ability to guide me without leading and this has helped me to realise many things. That I was in control of my own healing, that I intuitively knew what I needed.

If you have lived through decades of abuse which has been wrapped in a package labelled ‘love’? Cat has the specific skills to tailor a recovery for you with authentic compassion and empathy I have not known before!    

I would like to share a quote that kept me seeking help for many years even though I met many brick walls.

“Human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it...but those who do will become well” ~   Vernon L Howard


Cat, I chose to believe the lie rather than look at the sick environment I lived in and I am so looking forward to my future now. Thank you so very much!

Female - 59 years old





"I found Cat's gentle and reassuring voice so helpful with my chaotic mind and panic attacks during my therapy. Because of Cat's professionalism I was able to offload all my problems in a 6 month period of weekly sessions. Gradually Cat helped me get to the core of my problems which helped me overcome my panic attacks. I am now going into the future with a more positive outlook. I highly recommend Cat."

Male – 49 years old


"Cat is a very professional counsellor. She's empathic and very astute. She has helped me a lot in the time I've known her and really made me face my fears and concerns."

Female - 55 years old



"Since starting counselling I have been given a chance to share thoughts and feelings I otherwise wouldn't have and now have a better understanding of myself and am more self aware."

Male – 19 years old



"Catherine Aird has provided effective counselling for clients within our organisation for several years. These clients have become more confident/empowered. This has enabled them to move forward in their personal lives and with employment."

Counselling Practice Manager


"Volunteering as a mentor for the mental health charity I worked at, Cat proved to have the unique quality of balancing being professional, yet also remaining friendly and approachable. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has an enormous passion for supporting people. I believe she is an excellent therapist who has the skills and dedication to be able to support and help many people in her future practice.   A client she worked with who had received many years of therapy and support, stated ‘I have never felt as listened to and supported as I have with Cat’."

Jan Smith, Voluntary Placement Manager