Social Media Policy

I am active on Social Media and have devised a social media policy to clearly set out how I operate ethically and professionally on public sites. The policy is also to protect my client’s privacy and confidentiality, and our therapeutic relationship. If you have any questions about this policy then feel free to ask me directly.

I utilise social media as I feel that it can be a wonderful tool to network with other professionals, continue further professional development, and share useful mental health and wellbeing resources, whilst remaining up-to-date on topical issues within this field. The use of social media is a popular way of communicating with one another, however, these are not secure mediums of contact and I would not risk any breaches of privacy or confidentiality, or the compromising of our professional relationship, through communicating via these methods. If I discover that I have accidentally established an online relationship with a client, I will discuss this with my client and ensure that the online
relationship is cancelled with due care.

Facebook and Instagram
I have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, @tlctherapyandlifecoaching, for my counselling and online practice but I have no expectation that you will follow these. I use these pages to share my own content, inspirational or motivational quotes and other potentially useful mental health and wellbeing-related content from myself and other professionals, and any helpful articles on mental health issues. I do not provide counselling or life coaching on these platforms. Any posts I share on these pages are for reflection or communal discussion only, and are not a substitute for therapy.

You are welcome to follow these pages or even ‘like’ the pages but I will not engage in any counselling via this page. You can comment on this page but please consider that this could compromise your confidentiality, or indicate that you are seeing me as a client. Similarly, it may impact our therapeutic relationship. I will not follow clients that I work with on these pages, in order to maintain professional boundaries and protect the confidentiality of clients and our therapeutic relationship. I will not accept friends or contact requests from any client or colleagues on my personal Facebook account. This page is private and for friends and family only.

I post and share articles, quotes, helpful tips and my own content on Twitter at @TLC_Therapies. You are welcome to follow this twitter feed or share any articles I tweet. I will not follow you back as I will only follow colleagues, or other (often mental health-related) organisations and professionals. If you do share anything then remember retweeting can, just like Facebook, compromise your confidentially or our working alliance. I will not offer any personal help or support through Twitter. I have a personal twitter account and I recommend you do not follow this.

Search engines
I will not search for clients via google or any other search engine. I will not follow or comment on current or past client’s blog postings. I recognise that viewing clients’ online activities without their consent, and without explicit arrangement towards a specific purpose, could potentially have a detrimental effect on the working relationship. If there is anything online that you wish to share with me, please bring it to your counselling session so that we can talk about it in the appropriate environment.

Please do not message me via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I do not monitor these accounts actively and these accounts are not secure. If you wish to contact me in between our sessions then either telephone, text or email me.


Google and advertising sites
You may have found out about me on sites such as Google, Yell, Bark, or other places that list businesses. Some of these sites allow users to add a review. If you have found me via these sites you are not obliged to rate or endorse me as a client and I will never ask you to leave a review. You do have the right to comment on these sites. Remember these sites are public forum and any sharing any information could reveal who you are. To protect your privacy it is best to use another email address and pseudonym.

Thank you for taking the time to review my social media policy. If you have any further questions for me regarding this, I am more than happy to discuss this with you.