Counselling is a talking therapy used to help facilitate deep emotional and psychological healing. When meeting with your counsellor, you might explore your thoughts and feelings, any difficulties you may be experiencing or any traumas you may have experienced. Establishing a positive relationship with your counsellor can be therapeutic. It can allow you to explore and make sense of any difficulties you may face, whilst receiving the support of a counsellor with a sensitive and trained ear, without judgement or criticism. Counselling can be emotionally challenging, but with support and persistence, can be life-changing.

Life coaching helps people to identify their strengths and areas for development, in a way that challenges limiting self-beliefs and encourages positive thinking and positive action. It can help to empower you to make the changes to yourself and your life that you wish to make. It can also provide you with the tools you feel you need to help you achieve your goals, your aspirations and your potential. Through personalised support and encouragement, you can develop your self-awareness, set realistic and achievable goals, and take your next steps on your own personal journey to living the life you want to live, as the person you want to be.



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Life Coaching

(Telephone/Microsoft Teams)

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Student Counsellors

50 mins - £45.00

50 mins - £45.00

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50 mins - £45.00

Face-to-face sessions are unavailable at this time. Block-bookings are payable up-front at a reduced rate. Payments can be made via bank transfer in advance of a session.

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