Life Coaching

Remotivate, Revitalise, Succeed


Your personalised pathway to unlocking your Self, and living the life you want to live

Making the decision to see a life coach can be both exciting and anxiety-provoking. It is the first step on your journey to discovering the power you hold within yourself to achieve your goals and change your life in the way you want to see it change. Your life coach can help to support you in rediscovering your own strength and abilities, so that you feel empowered to challenge yourself, overcome any obstacles you might feel you face, and take responsibility to succeed in achieving your life's ambitions. 

Read through the questions below, and see if there are any that you answer “yes” to:

  • Do you currently feel unsatisfied in life, at work, at home or in any of your relationships?

  • Do you feel like you lack in confidence?

  • Do you struggle to find the motivation to do what you want to do?

  • Do you feel like you lack direction or drive?

  • Do you feel like you are unfulfilled or stuck in a rut?

  • Do you often start sentences with “I wish...”?

  • Do you feel like you are unsuccessful or a failure in certain areas of life?

  • Do you ever feel like you aren’t ‘going anywhere’?

  • Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life?

  • Do you have goals you want to achieve, but have no idea how to achieve them or where to start?

  • Do you criticise yourself regularly?

  • Do you feel like there is always something ‘holding you back’?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is possible that life coaching might be suitable for you. It is important to note, however, that life coaching is not counselling. If you feel instead that counselling is more appropriate for you or your personal circumstances, please click here. Although you may have answered "yes" to some of these questions, only you will know whether this is as a result of, for example, a traumatic experience, in which case counselling may be more suitable for you at this stage.

How does it work?


Life coaching sessions will last for 50 minutes. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via Skype or via telephone, depending on your needs and what suits you. 


Usually, the first session will be an introductory session, where you and the life coach can discuss yourself and your circumstances in more detail so as best to assess your needs. It may be that counselling is a more appropriate service, but this will be discussed at the time. After the introductory meeting, sessions often include your life coach asking you questions to establish what areas of life you are unhappy with, what you want to achieve in life, and where you would like to see yourself in the future. From here, you and your life coach will work together to explore how you can make positive changes in your life to achieve your goals. It involves deepening your self-awareness, identifying your strengths, changing limiting self-beliefs and may include completing tasks and activities in support of this. Your life coach will provide you with support and feedback to hold you to account and keep you focused on your goals. You will never be forced to make any decisions or do anything you do not want to do. All sessions are confidential, which will enable you to explore your thoughts, feelings and aspirations in a private and safe space.

What Life Coaching can provide:

  • Changing negative thinking patterns and self-limiting beliefs

  • Identifying your strengths and finding ways to overcome any obstacles

  • Personalised goal-setting and action-planning

  • A deeper understanding of the Self

  • Assessing your current reality and working towards the future you wish to achieve

  • Positive thinking and behavioural techniques

  • Changing "I can't" to "I can" and "I won't" to "I will"

  • The tools to facilitate autonomy, motivation, confidence and success


What Life Coaching is not:

  • Counselling

  • An advice service

  • A form of teaching or lecturing

  • A crisis service or helpline

  • An expert consultation service

  • A quick-fix solution